Job Overview & Availability


These job overviews are meant to guide you through the application process. They are NOT full job descriptions.

Positions marked in GREEN are still available. Positions marked in RED have already been filled for this year.

Staff Member – General Job Description

All staff members are expected to play their role in fulfilling the goals of camp in accordance with the Bnei Akiva philosophy. They must have excellent interpersonal skills, love for kids and posses the desire and passion to contribute, influence and inspire.

Each staff member is expected to follow camp rules and policies and perform and deliver as follows:

  • Be an appropriate role model and provide Dugma Ishit at all times
  • Help strengthen the ideals of religious zionism  
  • Participate in staff training sessions, staff programming and required meetings
  • Assist campers in case of emergencies
  • Maintain continuous supervision over campers
  • Participate in camp-wide activities (shmira, Visitor’s Day, etc.).
  • Complete evaluations and reports as applicable
  • Adhere to the rules and standards outlined in the Staff Handbook.
  • Provide a fun and memorable summer for your campers

Rosh Anaf – Must be at least 21 years of age.

Rosh Anaf is responsible for overall management of the Anaf / department . They must demonstrate expertise and experience in their specialty, great communication and interpersonal skills alongside managerial and Bnei Akiva leadership qualities. They are expected to participate in camp-wide activities and provide additional assistance as may be needed throughout the summer.

  • Responsible for training and supervising the Anaf’s staff
  • Running the Anaf’s program and maintaining a high standard of professionalism
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere in the Anaf that enables each and every camper to reach their highest potential and create Anaf-related memories
  • Manage budget, supplies and timely ordering
  • Participate in required meetings
  • Evaluation of their staff and end of summer report

Head of Programming

  • Programming camp wide – calendar
  • Trip logistics- reserving campsites, ordering busses
  • Order camp wide supplies for events
  • Review night tochnits with Roshei Eidah
  • Co-ordinate tzevet night tochnits
  • Weekly logistics coordinator for the chadar. kitchen.  marp.
  • coordinate with trippers for timing, supplies, trip details
  • Camp wide programming coordinator i.e. entertainers, special activities, colour war, intercamp, sports day


Must have previous sleep away camp experience

Must be able to multi-task and work under pressure

Must have a strong creative background and organizational skills

Must know excel and Google Docs

Must understand the hashgafa of Bnei Akiva


Rosh Eidah

The Rosh Eidah is expected to oversee the entire Eidah – campers and staff, in addition to being responsible for the general day to day management of the Eidah. The Rosh Eidah is also in charge of planning and carrying out Eidah-wide activities, while monitoring the content and ensuring quality and appropriateness.

The Rosh Eidah reports to the Rosh Mosh.


  • Eidah team building, ruach, leadership, training, mentoring
  • Evaluations of Eidah campers & staff (monitoring progress, providing guidance, promoting growth, etc.)
  • Ongoing supervision of Eidah campers & staff (communication, discipline, education, downtime, meals, etc.)
  • Problem solving & crisis management within Eidah
  • Coordinating, organizing, arranging and managing Eidah logistics (meds & injuries, cleanliness & hygiene, days off, participation in activities, etc.)
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Planning and executing night tochniot and placing relevant orders for all staff and camper activity
  • Provide a weekly Eidah update to post on the website
  • Be available part time via email or phone for preparations as of June 1 and full time the week before staff development week
  • Manage a budget
  • Submit Rosh Eidah report as outlined by the director
  • May be called upon to help recruit campers, attend shabbatonim, and build momentum before camp for the Eidah (i.e., start an Eidah Facebook page)


  • Bnei Akiva role model; leadership & managerial skills
  • Previous experience as counsellor/Sgan
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; ability and desire to inspire
  • Ability to plan, run and manage creative activities; oversee Eidah scheduling & programming
  • Provide direct/indirect supervision for staff, alongside empowerment and encouragement
  • Ability to give and receive feedback
  • Self starter, initiator and independent worker; Rosh Gadol!

Rosh Agam (lake)

The Rosh Agam is responsible for the safety and skill development at the agam.  She/he is in charge of all lifeguards. She/he oversees all activities at the lake, agam related trips and extra programs that go on at the agam.  He/she must ensure that all equipment is properly used/stored. Maintenance and upkeep of the boats, docks, water toys, and the proper maintenance of the beach area is responsibility of the Rosh Agam. He/she helps roshei eidah (section head) organize canoe trips and making sure that the campers are rotating fairly throughout all the activities. Rosh agam is responsible for staff evaluations as well as an end of season report. Candidate must hold a Canadian NLS and be at least 23 years of age. Married couples welcome. Activities include use of motorized boats, water toys and non motorized boats.

Rosh Afiah

The Rosh Afiah is responsible for creating a fun and energetic environment in the baking room. Kids will learn how to bake and cook various recipes while learning team work. Rosh afiah must know how to be organized, have creative recipe ideas, work in a group setting and deal with various dietary restrictions.

Rosh Breicha (pool)

The Rosh Breicha is responsible for the safety and the lessons in the pool area. She is in charge of all lifeguards. She develops the swim program and oversees all chugim and night tochniot in the pool. She is also responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the pool and testing all chemical levels and keeping logs that are up to the standard of the OCA. She is responsible for evaluating the classes and all the breicha staff, making sure that all campers are thriving in their classes. The Rosh Breicha will also teach swimming class.

Rosh Chadar Ochel

The Rosh Chadar oversees the functioning of the Dining Hall. He/she is in charge of instructing toranut, with supervision of madrichim and rosh eidah. He/she oversees the chadar staff, and together, they ensure that all meals run smoothly, the chadar is clean, and all tables, chairs, supplies, are ready to be used. He/She is in charge of the toranim and the hygiene and lost and found items in and around the Chadar.

Rosh Gan

The Rosh Gan is responsible to lead a staff that take care of the children of the families that work in camp. The Rosh gan should have previous experience working with younger kids, be creative and organized. Must know how to lead a team.

Rosh Omanut

The Rosh Omanut is responsible for the running of the art room. The Rosh Omanut must be able to plan all the art related activities, order supplies and work within a budget. The Rosh Omanut must know how to lead a team and get campers who love art and those who may not, to find an appreciation for art. Rosh must be able to work with various art mediums to create amazing portable projects for every camper to take back home.

Rosh Sports

The Rosh Sports is in charge of the whole sports program on the sports field. He/ she is in charge of all sports staff, ensures the high quality of the program, and makes sure everyone is working safely. During staff week, he/she oversees the ropes training(done by an external company), and makes sure all staff members know how to teach/ referee sports games. The rosh sports is also responsible for running sports day. Budget and purchasing of item for the sports field must be done by the Rosh sports who reports to the Camp Director. Rosh Breicha must write an end of season report.

Rosh Teva

The Rosh Teva is responsible for the running of the nature program including overseeing the farm and connecting campers to different aspects of nature through games, building, exploring. Campers should understand nature through the eyes of the Torah so the campers learn a deep appreciation for our environment and our natural surroundings.

Rosh Plugah

Rosh Plugah oversees the Plugah tzevet and coordinates all the maintenance and repairs needed all over camp and handle much of the back-end work of camp. Responsibilities include camp maintenance and cleaning, repairs, ensuring safety equipment is working.


Rosh Shekem

Rosh Shekem ensures that all shekem orders are completed and ready for each bunk at shekem time. He/she also keeps track of what is left in stock, orders more when necessary, and keeps track of how much each person in camp has spent in shekem.

Rav Machane

        Overseeing all Halachik needs of the camp (including eruv, mikvah, zmanei tfila, fast days etc..)

        Representing the religious aspect of all campwide events+activities (visiting day, tochnit events, color war)

        Shabbat and Fast day  programming (Brachot, kiddush, Friday night speech, afternoon programming)

        Tzevet Torah programming (staff kiddush shiur, nighttime learning, mishmar etc, personal connections with Tzevet ..)

        PR (Bar mitvah’s, parents, beit midrash facebook live streams, etc)

        Overseeing all Minyanim +Running main minyan on Shabbat


Office Support

Rosh Beit Midrash

Rosh Beit Midrash is responsible to oversee the following tasks and manage the Beit midrash Tzevet. Rosh BM also works closely with the Rav Machane in the planning and execution of some of the following items; daily chinuch peulot, chinuch curriculum, tefillah workshop, Dvar Torah during meals, Cocoa club, Menucha Beit Midrash, Shabbat party, Shiurim/Mishmar for Tzevet, Fast day programming, guest speakers and more.

Specialists (Report to Rosh Anaf/Rosh Eidah)

Specialists must be excellent role models, suitable for a Bnei Akiva camp, have a positive and educational approach to kids, alongside experience, skill and professionalism in their specific specialty.

During Anaf working hours – specialists are expected to be present and active in their Anaf and perform and deliver as needed and required in their specific Anaf. Encouraging and getting campers involved in the anaf activities, ensuring an enjoyable, enabling and creative atmosphere, as well as maintaining the right level of discipline and “derech eretz”.

At all other times – specialists are expected to be an integral part of their bunk/camp, participating in all bunk/camp activities and acting as counselors in every way and fulfilling all related obligations.

Depending on camp’s needs, specialists may live in the bunks with campers or in a specialist bunk.


Tzevet in afiah help create a fun and energetic environment in the baking room. Kids will learn how to bake and cook various recipes while learning team work. Kids should be introduced to various baking technics, how to measure, prepare and clean up after working on yummy recipes.

Agam or Breicha Specialist

All water staff must carry life saving certification as outlined on the staff application. Swim staff spends the day teaching swimming lessons to chanichim and or/guarding. The goal on the breicha is make swimming fun while at the same time advancing in their swim levels.

The agam staff rotate through the day through various tasks. Agam staff teaches canoeing, skiing,  ensures safety on the agam, oversees use of our lake toys and boats and attends canoe trips when necessary. Staff makes sure that the beach and equipment is well maintained. Agam staff will be responsible to get a boating license in order to drive the boat. Boat driving only takes place after many hours of practice which is ongoing throughout the summer.

Beit Midrash

Every bunk at Moshava has daily shiurim. a Beit midrash staff will be assigned bunks, and will teach those bunks every day. BM staff are responsible for coming up with interactive and exciting lesson plans under the guidance of the Rosh beit midrash. The beit midrash staff help with the overall avira of camp and run daily chinuchi activitie such as learning in the cacoa club or afternoon beit midrash, helping kids write daily dvrei torah, fast day shiurim, evening learning for staff, tefillah workshops, just to name a few.


Chadar Ochel tzevet take responsibility for keeping the dining hall and all meals running smoothly. They oversee chadar ochel or meal setup in any location, work with bunks on Toranut (food service).

Chavalim (ropes)

Tzevet are taught by a professional company how to run the various rope elements. They must pass a test at the end of the course. Elements include zip line, rock climbing, high walking beam. No previous experience necessary. Tzevet need to love being in the outdoors and unafraid of heights.


The dance specialist is responsible for coming up with the curriculum for our dance program. She should be familiar with Zumba, dance aerobics, Israeli dance, and others. She will run peulot for the girls, possibly choreograph for a camp play (if needed), or a dance-off.


Driver must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver licence.

The driver leaves camp every day to run errands for camp, such as supplies for tochniot, pharmacy, greyhound station, medical runs or food items. They are responsible for upkeep of all the camp cars. They are on call 24/7. Must speak English fluently. Ability to drive a truck is a plus. Must also understand how to work in a budget. This job entails many hours of shopping.

Overnight security

Must be at least 21 years old.

Security takes place through out the night to ensure a safe environment to our campers and staff at all times. Security teams drives in a golf cart or walks around the parameters of camp from 1 am till 7 am daily. May be requested to help around camp on other projects when not on security.

Fun with Science

Create fun and interactive science based activities that are engaging and educational for various ages.


Gan staff ensures the safety of all of our staff children during the day. They plan programs and take the gan kids to peulot. Gan kids can range from infants to 8 years old.


 Design a class that teaches flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness using gymnastic skills while building positive self esteem in a fun and relaxed environment.

Jewelry Making

Must be knowledgeable in various ways to create beautiful jewelry and be able to teach the technique for various age groups. Will be provided a budget to order the supplies needed.



Work in the kitchen preparing 3 meals a day for the camp. Work includes but is not limited to: preparing all foods, baking, cleaning the kitchen and serving. Kitchen staff has different hours than most staff members, and do not always sleep in a cabin. Must be able to work in a hot environment. The kitchen generally has a 2-3 hour break during the day.

Madrich or Madricha

A madrich/a is with his/her chanichim at all times. He/she is responsible for safety, well being, and emotional happiness of all chanichim in his/her kvutza. He/she takes chanichim to every peula, and actively participates in peulot. Madrichim will be expected to help with night tochniot, general eidah creativity, and special bunk activities. A great madrich/a is very involved with the bunk on every level, truly understands the needs of his/her kvutza, and cares about their personal growth. Senior staff is responsible to mentor the junior staff in the bunk.

Martial Arts/Self Defence

Teach self-defense or soft combat techniques in a fun and educational manner. Must have previous teaching experience. 


Mother's Helper

Mother’s Helpers care for infants and toddlers on a 1:1 basis to support parents who are staff members in camp.



Staff that work in Nagaurt will help create beautiful wooden projects. Staff need to feel comtortable using various woodworking tools.

Nurse's Assitant

Marp tzevet work with our camp doctor and nurse to ensure the safety and health of our campers. First aid, med distribution, and triage are all part of the job.



Omanut specialists assists with art related projects. He/she makes sure the omanut peulot are organized and function well, and also helps out with general cleanliness/organization of the art room. He/she will help teach chanichim basic art skills and how to work on projects. Staff in omanut must love working with different art mediums such as paints, charcoal, glues, wood and more.


The photographer is responsible to capture the essence of camp through photographs and must be able to post them on the website 2x daily. The photographer is responsible for printing pictures for Shabbat weekly and at the end of the season slide show presentation. The photographer must have previous photography and editing experience.


Plugah is the maintenance staff for camp. Plugah is responsible for garbage removal and recycling, maintenance, repairs and building projects. Must have a valid driver’s license. Staff must be able to lift and carry heavy items and enjoy working with their hands.

Second Driver/ Security

Must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s licence.

The second driver is responsible to run errands during the day and then do security from 6pm – 1am daily and alternate hours on shabbat.


Sports specialists are expected to be athletic, energetic , know how to organize and referee games, and teach  sporting skills. They should have at least 2 sports specialties including: baseball, basketball, hockey, ropes, archery, tennis, football, biking, or other sports. Being able to get campers motivated to move and excited about sports is key.


The staff in Teva work in various activities revolving around animals and nature. Tzevet must like to work with animals of all sizes such as ponies, chickens, hamsters… Tzevet also work to instill a love of the outdoors and nature through games, cooking and activities.

Tzevet in the Teva may also work in Nagarut and technologica anaf depending on the summer.

Tochnit (thematic program)

Tochnit staff works to ensure that the theme of the summer is properly carried out. Some of the things tochnit staff will work on include (but are not limited to): skits at mifkad, colour war, carnival, opening night tochnit, and banquet. Tochnit staff should be very creative and knowledgeable about the summer’s theme.


The tripper is responsible for going on all overnights, and ensuring that they have everything they need for a successful overnight such as tents, fire, cooking materials, and food. They organize the logistical aspect of all camping trips. While at camp, the tripper may be asked to develop and runs peulot teaching chanichim basic things about tripping, or working on building projects. Trippers must have a valid driver’s license.


The videographer is responsible for making sure that all events or regular peulot in camp are filmed. He or she should also be able to edit and put together short clips for the website every week. Videographer may also run peulot for chanichim making movies.  Video specialist must have previous professional experience in film/video.


If you have a special talent that you think you can bring to camp, we would love to hear about it!

We are always looking to expand our program, so if you think you could teach your specialty to campers, we would love to hear more about it.

Do you have any questions?