Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to strengthen the religious Zionist community by educating and nurturing the campers and counselors entrusted to our care each summer to become role models both in Israel and the Diaspora.


Our mission is to provide a Jewish overnight camp experience for campers and staff through informal education, personal and social development, outdoor physical activities, and the creation of life-long friendships and community, while promoting the Bnei Akiva ideals of Am Yisrael b’Eretz Yisrael al pi Torat Yisrael, in a fun, memorable, safe, inclusive and respectful environment.  


Core Values

We will ensure that in all our decisions, conduct and relationships with each other and the broader community, we are committed to reflecting and promoting the ideals and values of:
– Torah
– Am Yisrael
– Medinat Yisrael
– Derech Eretz
– Chesed
– Manhigut/dugma 
Values and fun  

The values that Moshava instils in each chanich is phenomenal, both in terms of education and a love of Torah and Israel.

Moshava Parent   
Love of Israel and Zionism  

She had a wonderful time!

Moshava parent   
happy mom  

I could not been happier with the amazing summer experience my kids had!

vicky honigwachs   
Learn through playing  

Moshava’s strengths is making the kids feel that Camp is their summer home. Having the kids learn while they don't realize it.

Yissy Lauterpacht

Yissy Lauterpacht