Rates, Dates & Policies 2021

First Two Week Session: July 6th - July 20th

Available for new or returning Eidah Aleph and Mini Mosh 2019 campers, and for new campers in Eidot Bet 1, Bet 2 and Gimmel. Limited spots available. 

Four Week Session: July 6th - August 3rd

SessionCamp Tuition 2021“Early” Early Bird Register with a deposit by September 30th:Early Bird Register with a deposit by October 31st:
First 2 Week Session$2800 +13% HST$2625 +13% HST$2725 +13% HST
4 Week Session$5560 +13% HST$5375 +13% HST$5475 +13% HST
Manhigut (grade 10)$5000 +13% HST$5000 +13% HST$5000 +13% HST

*Moshava reserves the right to charge an additional surcharge, at a later date, for any added expenses related to, but not limited to, government and/or private regulations due to COVID-19.

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Sibling Discount - deduct:

  • $200 for the second child
  • $300 for the third child
  • $400 for the fourth child

2-Week Session Extension

After June 30, extending from a 2-week to a 4-week session is an additional $3000 +13% HST.

Program Options

*Available in Eidah Aleph for new, returning and Mini Mosh 2019 campers, and for new campers in Eidot Bet 1, Bet 2 and Gimmel.


Eidah Aleph

Grades 2, 3, 4

2* or 4 week option


Eidah Bet 1

Grade 5

2* or 4 week option


Eidah Bet 2

Grade 6

2* or 4 week option


Eidah Gimmel

Grade 7

2* or 4 week option


Eidah Daled

Grade 8

4-week program for all campers


Eidah Mach Hach

Grade 9

4-week program for all campers


Manhigut (Leadership Program)

Grade 10

4-week program for all campers

Guidelines regarding Covid-19 may come into effect that may alter Camp Moshava’s intended plans, such as advertised sessions dates, length and bunk size. Restrictions regarding trips, visiting or travel and pre-camp quarantine protocols may be put into place as well that could impact your summer plans.


Camp Moshava begins on July 6, 2021








POLICIES - please read carefully


Deposit of $500 per camper MUST be paid at time of registration and post dated payments dated January 15, 2020 and March 15, 2020. If post dated payments or credit card authorization is not given at the time of registration, registration is NOT considered complete.



All cancellations must be received in writing, in the camp office. Cancellation fee listed below.

Full refund will be issued until May 31st or if camp is unable to take place in summer 2021.  After June 1st, 2021 an administrative fee of $1500 for every application withdrawn will be charged. After July 6th, 2021 no refund will be made.

There will be no deductions from the fee for a camper arriving late or leaving early for any reason. Fees cannot be refunded for days missed. Refunds will be returned no later than September 30, 2021.

In the event that Government regulation does not allow for our planned opening, Camp Moshava will refund your tuition. As there are many sunk costs associated with the preparation of the reopening of camp, please be advised that refunds will not be immediate. We ask for your patience in this event.