Moshava Bamachshev Schedule

Week of July 26th – July 31st

*All sessions will be taking place on Zoom. Please see Sunday’s email for more details.

Sunday, July 26th

7:30 pm – Eidah Bet 2 Night Tochnit

8:30 pm – Eidah Gimmel Night Tochnit

Monday, July 27th

10:00 am – Cocoa Club

5:00pm – Exploring Ethiopian Jewry with Gita Margolese

7:30 pm – Eidah Daled Night Tochnit

8:30 pm – Mach Hach Night Tochnit

Tuesday, July 28th

5:00pm – The Grand Finale with Maya Diamond

7:30 pm – Eidah Aleph Night Tochnit

8:30 pm -Bet 1 Night Tochnit

Wednesday, July 29th

10:00 am – Cocoa Club

Thursday, July 30th – Tisha B’av

4:00pm – Machanot Moshava Unity Event with Meir Balofsky

8:00 pm – End of Tisha B’av program in Montreal, will be on Facebook Live

Friday, July 31st

6:15 pm – Pre-Shabbat Ruach with MBT