Covid Update - May

May 28, 2021
Dear Parents,
As promised in our last communication, we are writing to update you on some very exciting news. Last night the Vaad (Board) of Camp Moshava Ennismore decided to move ahead with our plans to open this summer!!!
While Premier Ford is waiting until July 5th to confirm Step Two of his plans to re-open Ontario, which would include giving the green light for overnight camps, we are extremely confident that the increased number of vaccinations and drop in COVID-19 cases in Ontario, coupled with the current guidelines we have in place for a safe camp, necessitate us planning to open. We fully understand that the Provincial Government has the ability to make changes within the timeline of the reopening stage (and beyond), and we will of course keep you updated with any information that comes our way that may impede our ability to move forward with our timeline.
On Sunday, we will be sending you the Camp Moshava guidelines that our COVID-19 Taskforce have put together, based on the draft guidelines issued by the Ontario Ministry of Health. These are still subject to change but we would ask that every family read through the guidelines and feel comfortable with them before committing. You then have until June 1st 2021 to make a decision as to whether your child/children will attend Camp Moshava Ennismore. Thereafter, our standard refund policy will apply as detailed here.
The volume of work that has been done to get to this stage is huge. The amount of effort still required to get over the finish line is tremendous. But we know that our children, whether campers or staff, deserve and need camp like never before. They have been dreaming about being outside and away from iPads, swimming in our pool, experiencing the ruach of communal davening, canoeing on our lake, creating projects in art and woodwork, learning new Torah concepts and ideas, and playing sports with friends. That dream is now within reach. We are committed to helping your child/ren recover from the emotional toll that seclusion has had on them for the last year. And as our first glimpse into some of the exciting plans we have in place, over Shabbat please ask your child/ren if they’re excited to try out our new Nerf World and Sling Shot range!!!
Finally, thank you so much for your patience and loyalty. We can’t tell you what it means to have a family that supports you in good times and through challenging ones. You already know it, but we’ll say it again – the Moshava family is amazing!
Shabbat Shalom,
Vicky Shizgal
Director, Camp Moshava
Jonny Hass
Chairman, Camp Moshava

What to expect next…

The guidelines for you to review will be sent out on Sunday.
Over the next week you will get a CampDoc medical form. While you normally have a few weeks to fill this out, we are under a tremendous time crunch, so we are asking that you complete it immediately. A Doctor’s signature is NOT required. You will be able to go back in to Campdocs at a later date to fill in the PCR results but for now please be prepared to have all the information you need such as previous vaccines (tetanus, measles etc) and emergency contact numbers. 
As of June 1st our refund policy will be in effect. Please take care of your balances as soon as possible. You can see what you have paid and what you owe by logging in to your registration portal found HERE.
We will have a town hall to answer all your questions. Stay tuned for the date.
We will have a Zoom Meet and Greet for your child/ren and their Rosh Eidah and fellow Eidah campers.
We will launch our camp store soon, where you can purchase camp swag, water bottles and more.
The packing list and camper handbook will be placed in due course on our website in the Parent/Camper Portal.
You will have an opportunity to enter your bunk requests in your registration portal. We will inform you when it is open.