Covid Update - June 6th

June 6, 2021
Dear Camp Moshava Family,
It has been such a busy and exciting week. There is so much to get done but we are getting there! With this short runway, we really are counting on you to get us all the information we need to create a smooth transition in to camp, so please make sure to send everything we need by the deadline dates.


CampDoc offers an electronic health record and online registration system for camps to enable you to complete your participant’s information electronically. You will receive a Campdoc email directly from them very shortly.
The security and privacy of your participant’s health information is important to us. The CampDoc site is secure, encrypted, and password protected. You can find additional information about CampDoc privacy and security information at
Our organization has a special link where only participants from our organization can register! 
When you receive the campdoc email this week –
Returning Participants:
Click our link.
In the Email box, type your email address.
In the Password box, type the password previously created.
Click the LOG IN button.
If you forget your password, type your email address and click the “Forgot Your Password” button.
New Participants:
To create a new account 
Click the SIGN UP button.
In the Email box, type your email address in order to confirm.
In the Password box, type the password that you want to use.
Click the CONTINUE button. 
Follow the instructions, to create your profile and complete the Health Profile for your participant. 
We’re excited to let you know that your participant’s health information will save from year-to-year, so once you complete it in CampDoc this season, you won’t have to start from scratch next year.
Additionally, CampDoc sends out periodic reminder emails for outstanding balances and incomplete health profile information. These notifications come from, so please add this to your safe sender list to avoid accidental delivery to junk and spam folders. We don’t want you to miss important notices about Camp Star!
Please note that CampDoc supports the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari which provide improved security and performance for health information. 
For additional assistance (technical assistance) , you can navigate to or contact our Support Team at or 734-636-1000. Please do not contact the office for technical support. For medical items you would like to discuss before camp, you can communicate with the camp medical team by emailing


Bunk requests can be done through your registration portal. PLEASE NOTE: The following grades are the ONLY ones that need to fill in a bunk request. All other Eidot are one bunk of each gender. For Eidah Aleph, grade 2 and 3 is one bunk and grade 4 is another so no need to fill in bunk request.
Fill a bunk request only if you are currently in:
Grade 5 girls
grade 6 girls
Grade 5 boys
Grade 7 boys


The packing list now available online parent portal. Items will be added over the next few weeks, so please make sure to check in to the portal often – PACKING LIST.
If you haven’t already joined our social media pages, please see below. We love sharing exciting updates through social media.
Wishing you a shabbat shalom,