Covid -19 Guidelines for Camp '21

Please note that as the pandemic evolves, new data emerges and with it governmental directives are updated.  As such, the following information is subject to change based on guidelines and recommendations from the Federal and Provincial Public Health Ministries and in consultation with our COVID-19 Taskforce and our Health Committee. 

Please also note that our Covid-19 Safety Protocols are designed to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission but cannot completely eliminate the risk of viral spread.

Will I have to get a Covid test before I come to Camp?

Yes. All campers and staff without exception will be required to take a PCR Covid within 72 hours prior to Camp (exact date will be communicated). Campers will not be permitted to enter Camp unless their negative test result is received through our online system. 

A second test will be administered by Camp the day that Camp begins, and another one within the first ten days of Camp beginning.

Will my child have to isolate prior to Camp?

Partnership between Camp and home is key as we plan for a smooth, healthy and successful summer. We strongly encourage/request that in the two weeks prior to Camp, campers have very limited contact with others not in their household or school classroom.

Following the initial PCR test, campers should self-isolate as much as possible in the 72 hours prior to Camp. Careful adherence to the isolation protocol gives us the best chance of getting everyone safely TO camp and keeping everyone healthy IN camp! 

Will I be allowed to come to Camp late?

No. There will be no delayed arrivals. All campers must arrive on the same start date. The only exception may be if your child tests positive in the PCR test immediately prior to camp.  In that situation only, local public health and our camp medical team will assess if and when they are able to join after quarantine. 

What does a camp cohort mean and what does a camp bubble mean?

When campers arrive, they will be placed in a group called a cohort. A cohort may be one or two bunks within an eidah (age group), and we will follow Public Health guidelines to determine cohort sizes.  If there are no positive cases of Covid-19 within the first 10-14 days of arrival, and if permitted by Government guidelines, we may be able to expand the cohorts and move into a larger camp-wide bubble model. In a camp-wide bubble, the entire camp community is considered to be one large group with some relaxed safety measures within Camp, and extremely limited exposure to anyone outside of the bubble. This means that once we start Camp there will be no campers or staff leaving and returning to Camp unless they are in an exceptional situation at which time all safety guidelines will be followed to allow for their safe re-entry. Examples of someone who may leave and return to the camp bubble are emergency room visits for a non-Covid medical issue, cleaners, or repair professionals. At this time, we are awaiting guidelines on the possible transition from cohorts to one large bubble, and the possible safety measures which can be relaxed. 

Campers in different cohorts CAN and WILL see each other and be able to do activities together as long as they are two of the three – masked, distanced, outdoors! 

What physical changes will I see at Camp? 

Data points to three main indicators that control the spread of Covid:

–  Outdoor activity

– masks

–  physical distancing

We will therefore hold as many activities as possible outdoors and dividing up our camp community for meals and tefillah to allow for physical distancing between cohorts.  In both cases, we will be investing in large tents to facilitate these requirements. Our infirmary will have various triage locations (all marked clearly) so as to have a distinct separation between campers taking meds, campers with non-Covid medical issues and campers with Covid symptoms. We will place hand sanitizing stations throughout the property at all bunks, buildings and activity locations. Special Covid 19 signage will remind everyone to follow safety measures.

Again, at all times if campers and staff are not with their designated cohort, they will be required to layer at least two of these three requirements – masking, distancing or outdoors. 

Will there be changes to the daily schedule?

In all likelihood, to control the flow in the washrooms, we will implement staggered wake up times and have designated shower times as a cohort.  Prior to each peula (activity) campers and staff will be made aware of the regulations they are required to follow during that activity with regards to mask wearing or physical distancing, so that they come prepared. 

Will there be a visiting day?

For the protection of all the campers and staff, no visitors will be allowed at Camp this summer.  However, please stay tuned for our creative camper/parent communication ideas to come…

Will the packing list have new items on it? 

Campers will be asked to bring non-cloth masks to camp. The exact quantity and acceptable type of mask will be specified at a later date. Personal sized hand sanitizers and fanny packs may be requested as well.

Will my child be allowed to travel from out of Canada to camp? 

We are always so excited to welcome campers from all over the world. This summer, in reality, we will still likely be faced with the challenge of a closed border and a two-week quarantine upon entry. The Ontario Camping Association is working hard with the Ministry of Heritage to allow exemptions for campers and staff to be able to enter Canada if they are not Canadian citizens. Any camper joining camp will need to have enough time to fully quarantine and make it to camp for the entry date. 

Will there be transportation to camp? 

At this point we do not know what the regulations will be regarding busing numerous cohorts together. There is a chance campers will have to be driven to Camp, but we will update you once we receive formal guidelines from the Government. 

What happens if my child tests positive on their PCR test prior to camp?

If a child tests positive on their PCR test or previously has had Covid and test positive with a new strain of Covid on their PCR test, they will not be able to join when Camp starts and each case will have to be evaluated by public health and our medical team to see if/when they can join at a later date. 

What happens if my child tests positive while at Camp?

If a child tests positive at Camp, we will require them to be picked up at Camp. Anyone requiring quarantine will be placed in an isolated location with a separate bathroom (and supervision) while they wait to be picked up. 

What happens to the rest of the cohort that has been exposed?

The cohort that has been exposed to a positive case will still be able to be together and attend programming as long as they have no symptoms.  They will however be kept separate by an extra degree from the rest of the camp. Additional screening will be done within the exposed cohort. 

What is the refund policy if my child gets covid while at Camp?

In the event that a camper tests positive during Camp and has to leave Camp, a refund will be provided based on a per diem calculation based on the number of days spent at camp, less a 20% deduction. This deduction will assist us in covering our fixed costs that we incur as a result of expenditure for a fixed number of campers attending camp.

As you no doubt appreciate, all of the above is subject to revisions because of changing conditions, regulations and medical guidance. We will continue to keep you updated.