Registration FAQs

I rolled over some tuition money from 2020 to 2021, do I still need to register my child for summer 2021?

If you left $500 or more in your account, you will automatically receive the early early bird rate, but you still need to register your child through the Campbrain online registration portal by September 30 to receive the discount. You also have to confirm your method of post dated payments for the outstanding balance.

My child was registered in 2020, do I still need to register  them for camp in 2021?

If your child was a registered camper in 2020, we are pleased to offer you priority registration for them from September 1 – September 15th. After that time, we cannot guarantee you space. We also cannot guarantee the same session length as last summer, as different grades have different session lengths available. 


We are in the midst of a pandemic, does it make sense to register now?

We understand that you may be concerned about what the future holds, but we are planing and looking immensely forward to having camp run in a healthy and meaningful way next summer. After one summer away from camp, we are confident that your kids will be itching to return to their home away from home, and we’re already planning to offer them the summer of a lifetime. But that takes time, and camp administrators must know how many children will be attending camp, in what age groups and for what sessions, in order to develop the perfect summer program. As in any other year, camp registration must take place in the Fall, to allow us to plan for the upcoming summer. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee any spaces for those who wait to register. If future guidelines mandate that we need to decrease bunk size, priority will be given in order of date registered.

Is the refund policy different this summer? 

For campers registered to attend camp this upcoming summer, we have extended the date in which parents may receive a refund. After January 14th, our refund policy will go into effect. Please understand that we still have many fixed costs to run camp, as well as many operational costs to get summer 2021 planned. In order to remain financially viable and fiscally responsible, our refund policy must be enforced.  

What planning will be put in place due to Covid-19?

Moshava’s Health and Safety Committee, along with the professional staff, will be hard at work all through the year to create safety protocols that address the Covid-19 pandemic. These protocols will be established under the guidance of Ontario’s Health Department and the Ontario Camps Association. We will share those protocols with you as the year progresses. 

Will there be a visiting day this summer?

We have set a date for Visiting Day, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot guarantee that anyone will be allowed in or out of camp during their session, at this time. 

I live outside of Canada, will my child be able to attend camp?

It is too early to know what border and provincial regulations will be in the spring, but since you have until January to get a full refund, we suggest that you register your child as soon as possible, so as to secure their spot. However, we must also remind you that it will be solely parents’ responsibility to keep themselves informed and updated about the refund policy dates, as well as national travel restrictions in their own country, as the year progresses. 

Will there be any extra charge due to Covid-19? 

 Moshava reserves the right to charge an additional surcharge at a later date, for any added expenses related to, but not limited to, government and/or private regulations due to COVID-19. At this time, it is impossible to know what exactly those charges may be, but we will update you as the year progresses. As always, we are very conscientious of additional expenses for your family and we would not add a surcharge if it were not necessary to protect our campers/staff.