Programs (by Eidah)

Grades refer to current school year


Hakdamah  (grade 2 – 7 )
This program is open to all campers in grade 2-7*. This program takes place the last two weeks of camp and allows the campers to experience the full range of activities. This program is great for campers who want a ‘taste of camp’ or even a returning camper whose schedule only permits a shorter program.  Activities include swimming, sports, water activities, art, trips and more.
* For grades 6 and 7 priority will be for campers registering for the 6 week program.

Eidah Aleph (grade 3 and 4 ) 
Eidah Aleph provides a comprehensive program of sports, arts and crafts, shiurim, (lessons), hiking, overnights, boating, swimming, videography, waterskiing and more. Although special programs vary from year to year, past activities have included berry picking and horseback riding, mini golf, or a day at the zoo. For many campers, Eidah Aleph is the first experience away from home and it is our job to make this experience extremely positive. Older staff is chosen for this age group and are constantly keeping in mind the specific needs of this age. We instill independence and memories that will be felt in the home throughout the year

Eidot Bet (grade 5 and 6 graduates), Gimmel (grade 7 graduates), and Daled (grade 8 graduates)
These programs each provide a comprehensive itinerary of sports, arts and crafts, shiurim (lessons), boating, swimming, drama, an overnight canoe trip, banana boating, waterskiing, rock climbing and many more activities. Many special programs include color war, sports day, concerts, intercamp, and fantastic night activities and special trips. Our programs are created to provide the campers with hours of fun, but at the same time stimulate intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth. All programs are designed especially tailored to their individual age groups.

Mach Hach  (for grade 9 graduates)

The Mach Hach program helps campers begin the transition into future Moshava tzevet (staff) members, helping them achieve a sense of independence, and develop a deeper sense of pride and responsibility. The program offers formal and informal leadership training consistent with the values of Bnei Akiva, while still allowing the campers to continue enjoying the many activities available at Moshava. To promote unity, Mach Hach has its own living area, separate from the rest of camp, spends three days on a canoe trip and enjoys a trip to Niagara Falls.
Truly a summer to remember!

Manhigut (for grade 10 graduates)

Manhigut (leadership) is our newly redesigned program; balancing camper life with a focus on staff training; teaching the skills needed to become our future leaders in Camp Moshava and Bnei Akiva. Campers are given the tools and opportunities to challenge themselves, to be inspired and to inspire those around them, while still enjoying the many activities available at Moshava. The Manhigut program is a hands-on training experience, as the participants learn to become madrichim (counselors) and Anafim (specialists), by learning to plan programs, lead activities and share in the responsibility of taking care of campers.
More details about this amazing opportunity coming soon..