Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Hashkafa (philosophy)?

We are a Modern-Orthodox Religious-Zionist camp. We are affiliated with the Bnei Akiva movement, which has chapters all over the world, and is the biggest Jewish youth movement in the world. We believe very strongly in the importance of Torah learning and observance of Halacha and while instilling in our campers a love for Medinat Yisroel (the state of Israel). Every bunk has daily shiurim, tfillah three times a day, and Halacha L’maaseh is taught and incorporated throughout the day. As strong believers in Modern Orthodoxy, we believe it is important to create a positive co-educational environment for our chanichim. Camp Moshava is a very positive Jewish experience where our campers learn to value the State of Israel, Halacha, and the values of Modern Orthodoxy.

Where exactly is Ennismore, Ontario?

For over 60 years, Camp Moshava has had a home in Ennismore. Ennismore is a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, in the County of Peterborough. It is approximately one and a half hours from Toronto and five hours from Montreal.

How many campers go to Camp Moshava?

Our Capacity is currently 250 at a time but we welcome over 320 campers over the course of the summer. We believe our size is a great size for our family- like atmosphere. Our campers join us from Canada, Israel and the US.The breakdown in the past few summers has been 46 % Toronto based campers, 25% Montreal based campers, 24% Israel based campers and 5% US based campers. We also employ approximately 130 staff from around the world.

How many kids are in each bunk?

We have 12 -16 campers in a bunk depending on the bunk size. Virtually all our bunks have been recently built and have a larger capacity. Our bunks have no washrooms in the cabin. Kids sleep in bunk beds and there is anywhere from 3 to 5 staff that sleep in the bunks with the campers.

How do kids get to camp?

We provide buses from Montreal and Toronto (with a stop in Brockville or Ottawa for our Ottawa campers). For our out of country campers, we work together to ensure a safe journey from the airport and for the return from camp, our staff accompany campers to the airport. All flight parameters our available in the parent portal.

My child is a picky eater, and I am worried that they will not eat in camp. What kind of food do you serve?

As parents we all know that kids can be difficult when it comes to food. Our menu committee spends a lot of time taking in to consideration that kids need a balanced diet while at the same time enjoying their meals. Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) are accompanied by a full salad bar and every meal has an ‘alternate meal table’ where campers and staff can go if they do not like the meal being served. Meals include pizza, falafel, chicken, soups, lasgna. The alternate table has plain pasta with tomato sauce on the side, bread, sliced cheese, yogurts. We also have a cook that is in charge of all specialty meals for campers with dietary restrictions. Our kitchen is strictly peanut free.

My child does not know anyone going to camp. Will they feel accepted and comfortable?

It is essential to us that every individual grows and feels comfortable in Camp. Our staff is thoroughly trained before the campers arrive with specialists in field of child psychology and social work. They learn skills that enable them to make sure that every child becomes part of the team and that every bunk learns to live together in harmony throughout the summer. We have many new campers every year from as far away as Paris and Belgium and each camper is made to feel welcome and secure when they enter through our Moshava gates. Moshava Ennismore is the perfect place to be a new camper!

Will we get to speak to our child or contact them through email?

One of the most important skills a child learns at sleep away camp is independence. That being said, cell phones are absolutely forbidden by the campers and the only occasion a camper can call home during camp is on their birthday. We believe that cell phones detract from the camp atmosphere and prevent us from working effectively with your children. Please help us create the most effective environment by leaving all cell phones at home.

You may email your children during their stay at camp through our on line email system. Letters must be received before 11:00 a.m. city time in order to be distributed in that day’s mail delivery. We also scan letter for our out of country campers 2 times weekly.

What is the Tzevet (staff) at Moshava like?

Here at Moshava, we truly pride ourselves on the high quality of our Tzevet. They are each wonderful dugmaot (examples) for our chanichim (campers). With hundreds of applications coming in yearly, we are able to hand pick the tzevet that we feel will really personify our ideals. Many of our staff grew up in Moshava and want to return on Tzevet because they know how impactful the staff were when they were campers. Our Tzevet takes pride in being orthodox, zionistic, and fun loving individuals who are really in camp to make sure that your child is well cared for. They are also looking to create personal bonds with the campers that last a lifetime. Our campers come from all over the world including Canada, Israel, US, London and Belgium.

What forms do we need to fill out before camp?

A registration entails filling in an online registration form and submitting your deposit and post dated payments. Early bird prices are not applicable if the deposits and post dated payments are not received by the early bird deadline. There is an online medical form through Campdoc that needs to be filled out prior to camp that will ask for vaccination records. Bunk requests, campstore and megamot are all done on line. A full handbook that has detailed information regarding everything you need to know about camp will also be online in the spring.

Is there a dress code in camp?

Camp Moshava works hard to create an environment that reflects our Torah values of Halacha and modesty which we try to instill in our campers. Our handbook has a full outline of the dress code for both boys and girls. You can access the handbook on our site.

Banot (girls)

  • All Bottoms (shorts, pants, capris, skirst) must fully cover the knees.
  • Slits that extend above the knee and form fitting bottoms are unacceptable.
  • All shirts must have sleeves that cover armpits when arms are raised. Cap sleeves are not permitted in camp.
  • A modest neckline must be worn at all times.
  • No middrift shall ever be showing.
Items NOT permitted in camp:
  • Suggestive slogans or pictures
  • Writing on the backside of pants
  • Any leggings, “jeggings”, skinny jeans, or yoga pants worn without a skirt over.
  • Any tight fitting skirts
For Shabbat:
  • Friday night: white top with a navy or black skirt (not form fitting, and reaches below the knee)
  • Shabbat day: other appropriate Shabbat clothing may be worn.
  • No denim or weekday clothing may be worn on Shabbat.

Banim (boys)

  • Tzizit and kippot must be worn at all times
  • Shorts must reach the top of the knees.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
Items NOT permitted in camp:
  • Shirts: tank tops, sleeveless undershirts (worn alone), or spandextops.
  • Suggestive slogans or pictures
  • Spandex or form fitting shorts.
  • Underwear may not be shown at any time

For  Shabbat:

  • Friday night: white collared shirt and navy blue or black bottom. The shirt must be completely white, with no colored stripes or patterns.
  • Shabbat day: other appropriate Shabbat clothing may be worn.
  • No jeans or weekday clothing is appropriate

What type of activities do you offer?

At Camp Moshava, we have designed our program to be very well rounded, and offer the total camp experience.  We have 7 water sports on beautiful Lake Buckhorn, a heated swimming pool, a full ropes course and rock climbing wall, zip line, every major sport including tennis and archery, music, chinuch (torah learning), drama, nature, arts and crafts, baking and more. Each camper choses one “megama’ per week, which is an activity of their choice. They sign up and enjoy with campers outside their bunks and in other divisions.

We also offer trips that are age appropriate such as Canada’s Wonderland, Blue Jays game, Baskin Robbins, mini golf, White water rafting, lazer tag, scavenger hunts and more.

Camp is also known for the many special activity days such as colour-war, sports day, camp carnivals, and a very moving Tisha Ba’av program.

Each summer, we have a camp wide theme to teach campers about a period or theme in Jewish history or tradition. Our camp wide activities often promote our theme. In the past few years, we have had a mock wedding for Yaakov Avinu and Rachel, a re-creation of the shuk in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehudah, a camp wide Noah’s ark building competiton and a pesach seder.


prof director with excellent leadership and follow up to every detail

Moshava Parent   
Growth and independence  

I liked that Serena was able to form new friendships outside of school... that there were no electronics... and that there was the opportunity for growth, independence, and inspiration of Israel

Tami Rutman

Tami Rutman   
Thanks so much!!  

Sorry for the very overdue “Kol Hakavod” on organizing an amazing summer 2011. From the reports and pictures I can see that our daughter is having a fabulous time!! You really spoiled us with that super bunk and counselors! Can’t thank you enough!!

Moshava parent   
Chol ha Kavod  

Dear Vicky

Once again I want to congratulate you and express a personal Thank You, for your incredible work at Camp Moshava.

Despite everything that has been thrown at you this year, during visiting day it was hard not to be impressed by the smiles on all of the campers and the beaming faces of their parents. Your staff was so warm and friendly they made every feel welcome. And I know that no of this happens by accident. None of this just comes together the way it does because things are left to chance. I realize how hard you work throughout the year, and all those the long nights that you put in from September to August. In today’s world we tend to be judged by our results and everyone can clearly see that YOUR RESULTS ARE OUTSTANSDING!!!!

Steven Safran

Moshava parent