What to Pack


This list is based on a 6-week session. Please adjust accordingly if you are coming for less time.


Camp Clothing and Equipment List

1 heavy blanket

1 pr. sandals

1 pr. water shoes for the lake

1 pr. shower shoes/thongs/flip flops

1 pr. Sneakers

1 pr. shoes for Shabbat

1 pr. rubber boots (optional)

1 raincoat

1 pillow

3 pillow cases

2-3 cot-size fitted bed sheets

4 bath towels  

2 wash cloths

2 prs. light pajamas

2 prs. flannel pajamas

1 warm bathrobe

16 prs. underwear 

10-15 pairs of socks

5 prs. skirts or pants (must cover the knees)

2 pairs of knee length shorts (to be worn in the lake – for girls) 

10 short sleeve T-shirts (girls-no cap sleeves)

4 long sleeve T-shirts –

3 swimming suits (1 piece or tankini only)

5 prs. shorts (must cover the knee and may not be form-fitted) –

2 -3 sweatshirts

1 warm jacket

2 sweaters (heavy and light)

4 pair tzitzit (boys-mandatory)

4 kipot (boys-mandatory)

1 pr. Tefillin (boys) labeled clearly

1 outdoor sleeping bag

2 baseball caps/hats (boys and girls)




3 white collared shirts or tilboshet

3 Shabbat shirts of any color

 2 pr. navy blue or black pants

2 pr. Shabbat pants of any color



3 white tops

2-3 navy blue/black skirt (covering the knee)

3 Shabbat outfits (for Shabbat day)

No sheer tops are permissible

Personal hygiene items-

cosmetic bag or plastic shower caddy

soap and soap box

toothbrush and toothpaste

1 box facial tissues



insect repellent

sun screen

comb and brush

hair elastics, hair bands

nail clipper

1 plastic drinking cup


Throat lozenges, eye drops (if needed), bite cream, moisturizer, allergy medication, etc. will NOT be provided in the marp and should be brought from home. Parents will be billed for medications dispensed to the camper. (except those dispensed for occasional use that we have in stock  i.e. Advil)


stamps, pens, writing paper

1 flashlight and batteries + extra batteries

1 durable knapsack

1 reusable water bottle

Camp Moshava will provide laundry bags.



1 (or more) costume or crazy hat for special activities

1 Tupperware/Rubbermaid container for snacks/no larger than 12 QT /11.4 L- (Sterilite brand available at Wal-Mart). 


Items must be peanut-free and kosher

camera (optional) – no iphone cameras (see items not to bring)

deck of cards

(We do have some of these items available during free time on the sports field, but often the campers like to have their own):

baseball glove


tennis racket

hockey stick

water gun

(all sports equipment needs appropriate safety gear)