We are so thankful for the words of appreciation we receive each year-Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received.-



AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!  Thank you to all the staff at Camp Moshava and a huge Todah Rabbah to Vicky for making this summer such a wonderful summer for our children.  We hope that our children can continue to attend Moshava in upcoming years.|Incorporating an overnight camp experience in a modern Jewish Orthodox Dati Tzioni setting along with a very safe and fun environment.


Best summer our boys ever had!|Very organised, good activities, well trained staff


He had a great time! Outstanding effort in making our son feel good and welcome and any issues he may have had as a new camper were attended to and informed.  A love of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael and just a warm and welcoming environment where he felt like he had been there for many years prior.


In her words,  best summer ever!   Thank you!|Religious Zionist Bnei Akiva atmosphere with a feeling of family and unity


Moshava attracts nice kids, offers great water activities, has an amazing staff but beyond all, has an amazing spirit to it.


The values that Moshava instils in each chanich is phenomenal, both in terms of education and a love of Torah and Israel.


A family environemt where it’s cool to get involoved in jewish activites such as shabbat singing, dancing


Ahavat Yisrael  and the programming / organization / staff must be excellent because my children are very happy at Moshava.    A major strength is Vicky. I trust her.


excellent-awesome-fantastic|prof director with excellent leadership and follow up to every detail


Best summer of her life!  She loves Moshava every summer buy this year surpassed all the others!  Still raving about her summer!  Thank you Vicky and staff for a spectacular summer   And thanks for the financial assistance which made it possible!  Shana Tova!|Excellent staff and creative original programming


Camp was an incredible experience this summer.. my child learned to water ski on 1 ski (dropped and went around the whole lake).. cant wait to learn how to deep water start next summer… i hope the rosh agam jacob is coming back.. he was great too!!|the leadership(VIcky is a fantastic camp director and her camp experience is an asset to every parent staff and camper)  and professionals that run each department…(such as nurse TK in the marp, or gilda at the pool, or shari as camp mom)  they work tirelessly all for the effort of the camp.


Noam was in a particular situation, suffering from a critical illness. Yet Camp Moshava did everything in their power to allow him to experience some camp this summer, even though it was impossible for him to attend the entire session. They patiently followed all the doctor’s guidelines and never made him feel like they were doing him a favour. They showed only happiness in the fact that he could spend even a few weeks, and the staff did everything in their power to allow him to participate in those activities he favoured in particular. They were also incredibly generous in making it possible for us to send Noam’s little sister Adina for the full camp session. They showed us so much support through a difficult time and made us feel like part of the family. This is what they do. They go out of their way to make every member feel included, no matter the circumstance. That’s beside the fact that the activities, staff and facilities are top notch.|Camp Moshava really stresses that every member is part of a large family and it is not just a cliché. They really prove it through their actions. In our experience, we have truly felt the individual attention to each of our children, and that the counsellors, staff, bunkmates, and other kids really care for them. A major strength is also the joy that transpires in how the camp as a whole lives Judaism in such a positive way. The ruach is so strong and in turn strengthens the kids’ feelings toward their faith and their love of Israel.


For both my kids the friends they had in the bunk and counselors was what made the summer so great. They also enjoyed the water sports.


Giving kids a sense of belonging.


I feel every penny I put towards camp (as difficult as it is)is well spent. My child lives for cam|Creating lasting friendships.  Encourages leadership devopment.   Knowledge of Israel


It has been a very fulfilling and memorable experience for them in may ways. Camp is like a big family. My kids were very well taken care of when needing medical attention, which is very important when they are away from their parents. The nurse and camp director stepped in and made sure they felt nurtured and safe until well enough to return to their activities.   They got a chance to disconnect from their everyday life, forge strong friendships, and be exposed to certain activities that they cannot do during the year at home and while at school (water sports, horseback riding, archery, for example). Very important as well, it deepened their pride in their Judaism and community through learning, song, dance and just plain cheerfulness!|The staff work very hard to make sure to offer a wide range of activities to please kids with many different interests. All campers feel included in a spirit of warmth and joy, and most importantly, the staff works to ensure that all campers plainly have fun. It is the kids’ happiest time of the year!!


It was our son’s first time at sleep away camp and he had the best time ever, thank you! A lot of  activities that promote friendship and a feeling of belonging


It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to feel a part of Am Yisrael and we value the influence of Camp Moshava on our children’s Jewish Identity|Developing a broader sense of community &  sense of belonging


It’s staff, it’s obvious that they behave as a family. (Almost always a good thing). Moshava’s dedication to instilling a love of Israel is unprecedented.


Loving, supportive and inclusive atmosphere.  Teaching conflict resolution, social skills and leadership.


MOSHAVA IS THE BEST!!!!|The leadership and feeling that all the details are thought out. I know my kids are safe and I have complete faith in the Director and the staff


my child had the best summer of her life!!|I think all the activities daily, especially the lake and the special programming on certain days for example Israel day.


Niche in the modern orthodox community.combining Camp with Torah.


Quality of counsellors, Jewish values, relationships between campers


She had a wonderful time!|Love of Israel and Zionism


The camp is run very well, and for us reinforces the modern orthodox zionistic upbringing given at home.|Religious, zionistic hashkafa


The camp is very zionist and had many counsellors and campers from Israel.  It created a very strong sense of  oneness


the kids all had an amazing summer.   even when they were sick (last week of camp) the nurse was amazing..) she treated my kids as if she were their mother..|the staff…. an amazing influence  on my children…. also the ruach… my kids cant get enough of the  camp songs  .. you should see dinnertime at our house.. the kids are breaking out into the camp dance…all the time


The physical layout of the camp is very nice and the camp’s really clean.


The summer far surpassed my expectations for both my children who attended.  Both want to go back next year and one wants to do a longer period next year (6 weeks) vs what he did this summer (4 wks).  We are extremely happy with the staff and the communication from the camp.  The effort everyone puts in really shows.|Everything – fun activities, good food, good jewish learning, megamot, safety, excellent staff, very well run, communication with parents


We were very impressed with the nursing staff this summer as well as past summers. They worked very hard and communicated well with us and my child’s doctor in the city. I felt very comfortable that my child was in good hands.|The children feel like they’re part of a strong Jewish orthodox, zionist community with very good staff that they look to as role models


Abie sounds like he had the greatest time of his life! He is in the best mood and can’t stop talking about camp. It’s the sweetest thing… He wants to teach us all the songs and dances he learned… He already davened mincha before going to bed… And bought us his favourite shekem snack at IGA. We feel like sending him to camp was money very very well spent!

Oh… And I asked him if Vicky is a good camp director, and he said “Great!”

When I asked him if kids are scared of you, he looked at me like I was crazy and he said “no, she is so nice!!”

Thanks for taking such great care of our little man!

Lots of love



Elianna’s experience at camp this summer went beyond any expectations I had at the start of the summer. It is amazing how in just 4 weeks of camp she has grown so much in her appreciation of Shabbat, knowledge of Jewish “Heros” as well as a feeling of independence.

When talking to her about life at camp, Elianna turned to me and said that she thinks Camp has made her feel prouder to be a Jew. When I asked her what her favorite activity was at camp, she responded to my surprise, Chinuch. She even wants to buy a siddur (just like the ones at camp, because it seems everything is the best at camp). She of course loved the other activities like Horseback Riding, Teva, Arts and Crafts, the Swing, Swimming and of course Shekem.  For the last month any time we went anywhere or did anything it was always the pool was much better at camp, the pizza was the best there …

She loved her Counselors and I was impressed with them as well when I met them on visiting day. I could clearly see the kesher that they had with my daughter. She referred to Keshet as her substitute Mom at camp.

I found the communication from the camp to be excellent, from the email alerts regarding bad weather to the first Friday call from her Rosh Eidah reassuring me that she was having a blast at camp as well as scouring the many pictures for a glimpse of my daughters smile and what the campers were up to, the videos were great as well.

Thank you for providing Elianna with such a great summer full of wonderful memories. She keeps telling her sister how great camp is and now her sister wants to go to camp too. She is looking forward to another great summer next year, b”h.

Wishing you a Shana Tova


Thornhill, Ontario




I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you and the staff of camp moshava. My daughter came home after her first summer at sleep away camp and I don’t know if her experience could have been any better. She was beyond excited to tell and show us everything about camp. When we asked her if she wants to go back next year her answer was 1000 percent . She showed us her sidder and played the yala habbi and other songs.

Thanks again for making it a summer she will remember

All the best

The Blaine’s


Only AMAZING feedback!

Thank you for giving our kids a home away from home that they love going back to year after year.

We are eternally grateful for the warmth, yiddishkeit and all around great time that they have at camp moshava. History in the making!

Good Shabbos.

Best Regards,

Debbie Cons



Thanks for a great summer — !   Ehud had a great time .. and the program you direct is top-notch ! I will be sure to let the ‘locals’ know – about the ‘Up North best kept secret’.. to consider,

Please relay our thanks to the madrichim and Tzefet — who made it all happen!

Thanks !

Gary & Nurit



Dear Vicky

Once again I want to congratulate you and express a personal Thank You, for your incredible work at Camp Moshava.

Despite everything that has been thrown at you this year, during visiting day it was hard not to be impressed by the smiles on all of the campers and the beaming faces of their parents.  Your staff was so warm and friendly they made every feel welcome.  And I know that no of this happens by accident.  None of this just comes together the way it does because things are left to chance.   I realize how hard you work throughout the year, and all those the long nights that you put in from September to  August.  In today’s world we tend to be judged by our results and everyone can clearly see that YOUR RESULTS ARE OUTSTANSDING!!!!

Chol ha Kavod

Steven Safran


Hi Vicky,

We had a great time visiting Eitan today at camp Moshava.

He looks great and is having a fabulous time in camp and making new friends. He was so proud to show us his bunk and the camp facilities, and introduce us to his counselors and friends.

We are happy to extend his stay to the full 6 weeks.

We are confident that the Eitan we all know and love will come home with strong Jewish values and with lots of camp Moshava spirit!

A “hakarat hatov” to you, your staff, and I hope they know what this camp experience has so far meant to Eitan.

Please convey our gratitude, appreciation, and thanks to eitan’s counselors, division head, specialists, and Rosh mosh.

You are doing an amazing job!

Have a great rest of your summer.

Thank you!

Morrie Levy



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving our son Omri the opportunity to join Avoda.

It was a marvelous experience for him and his friends.  You and all the staff did a super job.  We enjoyed looking daily at the pictures you shared with us and the videos gave us a true sense of the great Ruach in camp Moshava Ennismore.

Shana Tova

Sarah & Brian Hitner

Bet Shemesh, Israel


Hi Vicky,

Thank you so much for giving our kids an incredible summer.  We always knew they would have a blast, but we were concerned about their yiddishkeit.  Would it be nurtured and would their love of everything Jewish shine through?  It was not only nurtured, but encouraged by your incredible tzevet.  On visitor’s day we were told by Hannah’s counsellor ShayKay that Hannah encouraged her bunk to get to chinch, using the Rebbe’s teaching that summer is not the time to let one’s learning cool off.  Gabriel’s counsellor Avi Leiberman told us that he and the rest of B2 staff kept the bunk lights on at night just so that Gabriel could finish his davening.  And then of course, there was the siyum that was made in honour of Gabriel completing Shmuel Bet.  Wow!  When my husband and I saw the photos of the siyum and received Rabbi Effie’s email about it, our hearts were so full of naches. How wonderful that you and the tzevet created and encouraged an environment where my kids could be their authentic selves.

My husband and I see they’ve gained independence and loads of self confidence.  We have also learned many of eidah aleph’s cheers over the past few weeks – and loved shouting them while we went canoeing and camping in Algonquin Park last week.

Hannah and Gabriel can’t wait to return to Moshava in 2013 and IYH they’ll be back for many years to come.  Yasher Koach to you and the entire Moshava tzevet!

Wishing you continued hatzlacha,

Heather and Michael Aaron


Dear Vicky,

Thank you very much for a wonderful camp experience at Moshava Ennismore. Miryam had a great time!

I think it’s very important for kids in the greater NYC area to venture out to other places and meet people and peers. It is not only rewarding but also creates a bond with other communities.

Again, thank you.

If you could pass my thanks around to the appropriate staff I would appreciate it.

Most Sincerely,


Suzanne Fischer


Dear Vicky,

I would like to begin by thanking you and all the staff of Camp Moshava, for your warm welcome and hospitality during the Shabbat we spent at your camp.

What I saw and experienced – both from an activities standpoint, as well as from the staff and campers with whom I had a privilege to speak – was truly heartwarming and left me with a lasting impression that I will not forget.

Your role in teaching Judaism and its core values is both sacred and crucial, as our youth will now be instilled with a deeper knowledge and understanding of our rich faith and heritage.

It was also a source of pride to watch how the love to the State of Israel, was taught to the campers in the tradition of Torah Veavoda.

With your hard work, a labor of love, I must say, we can be sure that the link between Torat Israel, Am Israel and Eretz Israel will never break.

In the name of the state of Israel , it is my privilege to commend you for what you are doing to strengthen the eternal bond between the Jewish community of Canada and the State of Israel.

Kol hakavod ve yashar koach.

Sincerely yours,

Joël Lion

Consul General of Israel to Quebec and the Atlantic provinces;

Permanent Representative of Israel to the ICAO




It’s Hadar Posner. I wanted to say that you run a amazing camp. Also, thank you for having my mom there as rosh breicha. You hire a amazing staff. You also have amazing Peulot. I can’t choose wich one I like most. This camp you run is special, fun and amazing. I was even crying when the 4 weekers left, when my councellors Aleeza and Carly left and when I left. This camp is so close together like a big family. Once again, THANK YOU!

Shabbat Shalom





I have been meaning to write since Eyal returned from camp. Your email yesterday about camp ending today prompted me into action.

To no one’s surprise Eyal had a wonderful summer. He returned filled with wonderful memories and I am certain he will be returning in the coming years. There is now an ongoing argument between him and his NJ based cousins over which Moshava is better.

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts early on in the decision process and all throughout the summer.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. I hope you get a chance to take a few days off!!!

Best regards,


PS the daily pictures on the website were a most wonderful daily distraction


I just want to thank you. I have never seen my kids happier. They are having their best summer ever. My son loves Mach Hach. His counselors are awesome. I was so impressed when his Rosh Eidah and the Rosh Mosh came over to introduce themselves to us on Visiting Day. My daughter is also very happy to have all her friends in her bunk. She also likes her counselors especially her Rosh Eidah. My kids are both very excited about their learning. My daughter keeps mentioning how terrific a teacher  her Chinuch instructor is. So thanks again, enjoy the rest of the summer.

Heather Tanen,

Thornhill, Ont



They really are having a wonderful time. Everything looked great on Visiting Day and the kids were very happy. The bathrooms were spotless!! My daughter said that she did not want to go home!

Thanks a million,

Yaffa Blanshay

Montreal, Qc


I just wanted to tell you what a great time my daughter had. I’m laughing now remembering our conversation months ago when we discussed sending her. What a little camper she turned out to be!!

She just told me she wants to go back to camp now not just next summer but right now. She’s already bored at home.

Thanks for taking such good care of her and making sure she had a wonderful first camp experience.

Shabbat shalom,

Bayla Fortinsky

Toronto, Ont


Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful Shabbat– we had a great time.

We also wanted to say that the camp seems to be in a great place, the Rabbi is amazing and the atmosphere is great! All the changes made a big difference– Yishar Koach!

Good luck!

All the best,

Ido and Shira

Montreal, Qc


We wanted to thank you for a wonderful Shabbat experience at Camp Moshava. Everything was really amazing and we were very impressed. Continue the good work.

Yamin & Rivka Benarroch

Montreal, Qc


On Visiting Day we spent just two hours in the camp briefly talking to staff members. I was surprised with warmth, care and closeness that counselors and senior staff members have with children. They managed to make us feel at home for this short time. I was touched by Rabbi Cutler’s message about the time my daughter spends learning and davening. Please send my words of gratitude to everybody.

My daughter talks about camp as the most beautiful experience she has ever had.

Thank you!

Katarina Glozic

Toronto, Ont


Thank you for EVERYTHING.

My Alon has had a wonderful time! I think his best time ever! I truly appreciate everything you have done! I hope he can come again next year!

Thanks again,
Edith Uralevich (Alon’s Mom)

Los Angeles, California


Dear Vicky,

Thank you for a wonderful summer! My younger girls had a great time and came home with a new sense of independence and confidence that was born to them at camp.

My other daughter comes home tomorrow and hopefully she will be able to embrace what she’s learned and taken from camp and let it carry her throughout her school year in public high school. She’s made terrific friends, from what I can see (your lovely daughter included!) And I’m so grateful for all these girls bringing her into their social circle, she needed that so much.

Anyway, camp Moshava was worth every penny and we look forward to shipping the whole lot of girls back to you again next year!

Thanks again!! Hope we’ll all be in touch throughout the year!

Mazel tov! It’s been a great summer!

Aviva and Yossi Cohen

Winnipeg, MB


A big thank you to you and your staff for an unbelievable job done with such love and dedication. A special thank you to Rav Cutler for all his words of Torah. What you do affects a child for the rest of their lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done for my son. His time at Camp Moshava has had a big impact on him.


Jeff Mintz

Toronto, Ont


My Son really had a wonderful and memorable experience with Camp!!!

We do not regret the investment!
We are all back to work and school.
I will definetly recommand Camp Moshava to all his friends .

Have a Happy New Year

Mom from Paris


Hi Vicky,

It was great seeing you briefly yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that whatever “formula” you are using for this summer, it is great. Jonah and Aaron are having a fantastic time. I spoke with a few boys in the bunk who were at camp last summer and they said that they are having so much fun this year. We already signed the kids up for next summer! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to camp. We are so lucky to have you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer

Lisa Mills


Hi Vicky,

I just wanted to thank you again for the hospitality shown to me (and yaakov) while at camp this past shabbat!

It was great to be back; it not only made me remember how much I love it there and miss it, but made me realize to a new degree how great of a place it truly is. I reflected on how much of an impact camp has had on my life (and hopefully I have had such an impact on the camp). I only hope that you and your whole team can keep that in mind every day; I hope that with: every peulah, every fight to keep the campers in the chadar, every struggle that you have in trying to make change, and with every issue that really does take so much effort to resolve, you all have in mind the difference that you are making in so many peoples’ lives with that energy.

Camp looked amazing! It was pretty clean, the kids seemed to be having fun, and the ruach was high (and of course Meir was still outdoing himself…how does he do it???). It was a pleasure to be there and to be included. I hope that the staff keeps up the amazing work that the camp keeps developing the way it has been the past couple years

Hope to be back soon!

Jordan Lass


Thanks so much!! Sorry for the very overdue “Kol Hakavod” on organizing an amazing summer 2011. From the reports and pictures I can see that our daughter is having a fabulous time!! You really spoiled us with that super bunk and counselors! Can’t thank you enough!!


Hi Vicky,

The boys arrived home with half a smile. They left half of it in camp!   They are happy to be home but had such an incredible summer.  In fact they are so sure that they are coming back next year that one of them came home with an entirely empty duffle bag!

Please make sure you thank the appropriate staff for making their first camp experience such a success.  I was watching the camp pics with a very critical eye.   Your programming looked great.  The activities seemed engaging and the kids were all happy.

Enjoy the last two weeks of camp.  I know the boys wish they were still there


I just wanted to let you know that our Shabbat that we spent in camp this summer has made a lasting impression in our hearts.

I always knew that Camp Moshava was a special place after entrusting my kids in its care for the past six years. However, my judgment was based on secondhand experiences. I sent the kids there- they said it was fun and they said they were happy. And I always noticed that they returned to me after each summer better individuals than I dropped off at the bus in July. They were somehow kinder, wiser, more spiritual and more eager to daven  mincha. That’s how I judged the success of Moshava.

Until our Shabbat visit…

To know in your mind that Moshava has got great ruach is not the same as to FEEL that ruach  in your soul. I know it sounds a bit corny and melodramatic but the ruach that our family experienced that Shabbos was a real spiritual high. I wish I could bottle that feeling and take sips during the year when I need a  spiritual boost.

We were welcomed to camp and embraced as family  and treated royally as VIPs. We even got our own “luxury villa” in the Gan with air conditioning and private bathroom. To be honest, we knew it was camp and we were doubly warned not to expect much so we made sure to apply and reapply bug spray and always wear something on our feet.

From the sea of blue & white campers scrubbed clean in honour of Shabbat at Mifkad we were treated to our first fun display of camp spirit. We loved everything ( but the bugs)! From Kabbalat Shabbat to the delicious chicken soup; from the zmirot and dancing at dinner to the swinging from the rafters ( – we didn’t try that ourselves although we were tempted). From the staff tisch with the crowning of the Cholent King and Kugel Queen we quickly got a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and stayed up way past our bedtime on Friday night trying to take it all in…

On Shabbat we were treated to a relaxing day with beautiful shiurim and Torah discussion groups sprouting out all over camp under every tree and gazebo. We were impressed by the warmth and caring of the counselors and staff as they sat on the grass with the kids and tried connecting with them through Torah learning.

I have to say it just got better and better as the day went on…The ruach after seudah shlishit at Slow Shira was beautiful and soulful but the ruach at Havdalah was that of unrestrained joy. When my kids had told me before that their favorite part of camp was Havdalah , I knew that it must be special but experiencing it firsthand instead of hearing about it secondhand was really amazing.

They say that ” seeing is believing”…I am now a “believer”!!

I thank you for the opportunity to sponsor Shabbat and share this experience.

Best Regards

Edie Friedman


My family and I truly had an incredible time and it was really a trip down memory lane for me and my wife.


We were both heartened to see all the great work that you and your staff have been doing and were truly impressed with the ruach, energy and positive Torah atmosphere that we experienced in camp.


Some specific highlights of the Shabbat that we wanted to share with you were:


1)     the ruach, dancing and beautiful singing all Shabbat. It was gratifying to see so many campers and staff members involved in the singing and the ruach at all the meals.

2)     The divrei Torah at every meal was inspiring. I have been to a number of other camps where this is not done and I felt a real sense of religious growth and focus on chinuch at each and every meal.

3)     The number of shiurium available to your staff and mishpachot is impressive. I felt privileged to give a shiur to the madrichim and enjoyed my time learning with them Shabbat afternoon.

4)     The davening throughout the Shabbat was spirited and respectful. I was amazed as to how many chanichim were actually davening.

5)     The hospitality and thoughtfulness that you personally displayed to my family and I throughout the weekend; from greeting us at the gate, to the welcome basket, from constantly coming to our table to see if we needed anything, to extending our invitation through Sunday to take advantage of the camp facilities – my wife and I were truly impressed with you and we appreciated your generosity and warmth.


You are truly doing a great job and it is reflected in the happy smiles of your campers and staff members.


Camp Moshava has always meant a lot to me, my childhood memories are full of Camp Moshava moments and experiences that I will never forget and I am thrilled that the camp is in such good hands these days. I feel privileged and honored to be partners with you in educating the future generation of Jewish leaders about the values and ideals of Bnei Akiva – Torat Yisrael, Am Yisrael B’Eretz Yisrael.


If there is anything I can do for you at all throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to call or email.


Thank you again and enjoy the rest of the summer.


Rabbi Josh Spodek