Rosh Moshava Honour Roll


Rosh Moshava

The Rosh Moshava is an integral part of Moshava. This individual oversees the day to day programming that enables the camp to run smoothly. The Rosh Mosh is a dynamic leader who acts as a role model for the campers as well as the staff, and is a tremendous resource and leader for the entire camp. There have been 30 vibrant young adults in the capacity of Rosh Moshava over the past 50 years. Here is our honor role:


 2013Amitai Koschitzky IsraelIsrael

 2016Daniel GofineTorontoNew York

 YearNameOriginally FromCurrently Resides In
 1959Zev Latinetsky
 1960 Kaddish Goldberg New York Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi
 1961 Kaddish Goldberg New York Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi
 1962 Jerry Rosenfield Toronto Toronto
 1963 Jerry Rosenfield Toronto Toronto
 1965 Simcha Lent New York
 1966 Motty MosesNew York Deceased
 1967 Simcha Fishbane Toronto Israel
 1968 Lippy Friedman Boston Be’er Sheva
 1969 Yaakov Vachman Montreal Kibbutz Yavne
 1970 Zev Furst New York New York
 1971 Zev Hershtal Montreal Toronto
 1972 Billy Altschul New York New York
 1973 Billy Altschul New York Jerusalem
 1974 Joe Friedman New York Israel
 1975 Dov Bloom Pittsburgh Israel
 1976 Martin Burg Montreal Jerusalem
 1977 Aaron Lerner Washington D.C. Ra’anana
 1978 Sandy Honigsberg Toronto Jerusalem
 1979 Sandy Honigsberg Toronto Jerusalem
 1980 Lloyd Hoffman Toronto Toronto
 1981 Michael Levenstein Toronto Jerusalem
 1982 Moishe Green Hamilton Hamilton
 1983 Michael Levenstein Toronto Jerusalem
 1984 Yitz Kurtz Z’L Toronto Deceased
 1985 Eddy Cohen Hamilton Thornhill
 1986 David Wenner Toronto Ra’anana, Israel
 1987 Tom Samuels Toronto
 1988 Ralph Tammam England Netanya, Israel
 1989 Brian Spira Montreal Riverdale, NY
 1990 Azriel Cohen Z’LToronto Deceased
 1991 Dave Lederer Toronto New Jersey
 1992 David Barth Toronto Toronto
 1993 Dan Diamond Toronto Boston
 1994 Pam Scheininger Toronto New York
 1995 Daniel Rosenfield Toronto Beit Shemesh
 1996 Stephanie Scheininger Toronto New York
 1997 Aaron Greenberg Toronto Toronto
 1998 Aaron Greenberg Toronto Toronto
 1999 Yehuda Sarna Montreal New York
 2000 Abby Brown Toronto Montreal
 2001 Josh Teplitsky Toronto Toronto
 2002 Josh Teplitsky Toronto Toronto
 2003 Josh Teplitsky Toronto Toronto
 2004 Sima Green New York New York
 2005Shmarya GasnerNew YorkNew York
 2006Arye SokolTorontoIsrael
 2007Arye SokolToronto
 2008David ElmalehTorontoToronto
 2009Zack IsakowTorontoIsrael
 2010Zack IsakowTorontoIsrael
 2011Melissa LouskyLos AngelesIsrael
 2012Melissa LouskyLos AngelesIsrael
 2013Amitai Koschitzky IsraelIsrael
 2014Amitai Koschitzky IsraelIsrael
 2015Yadin Koschitzky TorontoNew York 
 2016Daniel GofineTorontoNew York
 2017Daniel GofineTorontoNew York