Camp Moshava offers a unique summer experience, combining traditional camp activities with exciting thematic programming to create a Zionist atmosphere of Torah Va’Avodah.

Enter our 400-acre campground on scenic Buckhorn Lake, near Peterborough, Ontario, and you’ll be welcomed by happy campers aged 7-16.The Bnei Akiva atmosphere that permeates our camp is characterized by daily tefilah (prayer) and shiurium (learning), but also finds expression in the team spirit built on our basketball court, in our arts & crafts programs, the communal singing as Shabbat departs each week, and the 300 voices singing HaTikvah in unison as the Israeli flag is raised each day. At Camp Moshava, we strive to make each experience a reflection of the values that we hold dear.

As the only Bnei Akiva camp in Canada, Camp Moshava draws campers and staff from across the country, the United States, Europe and Israel, connecting future leaders from around the world, broadening their horizons and fostering the development of lifelong friendships.

Camp Moshava promotes a deep awareness of Halacha (Jewish Law) and a personal connection with the nation, the land and the laws of Israel (Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, Torat Yisrael). The leadership skills nurtured during summers at Moshava continue to help nurture the development of our campers – and staff – into committed and dedicated Jewish leaders in communities around the world.

Days at Camp Moshava are packed with educational fun. A regular day begins at 7:30 with mifkad (roll call) followed by tefilah (prayer), and a day full of activities including all major sports, a climbing wall, zipline, ropes course, arts and crafts, canoeing, videography, waterskiing, a daily shiur (lesson), swimming, and more!

There is also a great variety of special activities throughout the summer, from nature walks and bike rides to baking challah for Shabbat and doing charitable work in local communities. Campers also enjoy concerts, theme days, canoe trips, day-long trips to local attractions and overnight trips.

The beauty and spirit of Shabbat at Moshava remain with our campers forever: The songs and dancing that accompany each meal, the camp decked out in blue and white, the joyous singing of Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday night, our fun and educational afternoon programs, friends studying together as the sun sets on Saturday evening and, finally, a special Havdalah service. For many of the campers and staff, Shabbat at Moshava is the experience of a lifetime.