Water supply related concerns (but, thankfully, not water quality concerns) have become more prevalent as the number of campers/staff has increased. Issues include inadequate water pressure and a frequent lack of hot water.
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These problems have repeatedly been mentioned in parent/ camper surveys as one of the most negative aspects of the Moshava experience. Water related issues arise sporadically and their exact cause is unknown but it is assumed that they are related to one or more of the following components of the water system:
• Well Capacity
• Pumping Capacity
• Distribution system including holding tanks
• Water heating systems
• Shower/Sinks/Toilets and other appliances
To determine the precise cause of these issues, the camp has contracted consultants to evaluate the camp’s water supply, distribution system, current usage and projected water
needs. The cost of these studies is $40,000. Based on the consultants’ recommendations, it is likely that improvements to the water system may be required. If they are needed, bids
will be solicited to provide the necessary upgrades.


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