The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has determined that the camp’s septic system requires upgrading to meet existing standards and some recently introduced requirements.
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In 2001, the camp submitted a plan to the MOE which addressed the lower camp’s septic issues. This plan was approved by the MOE and allows for the replacement of the four existing bathroom/shower houses with new ones. In 2015, a comprehensive septic plan incorporating the approved 2001 plan and addressing upgrades in the remainder of the camp was submitted to the MOE. Approval of this plan is expected in 2016. At this time, the camp has decided to proceed with the implementation of the approved 2001 plan. This will provide
the infrastructure which will allow for construction of four new bathroom/shower houses which are urgently needed. After soliciting bids, a contractor has been selected. The infrastructure cost of the lower camp septic improvement project is approximately $200,000. Once the comprehensive plan is approved, bids will be solicited for the remaining costs of the septic improvement in other areas of the camp. Estimated cost is $75,000.


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