Dining hall/ Kitchen

The most popular and most used building in camp is also our oldest. From daily meals, Shabbat dancing and slow Shira as Shabbat ebbs away, the Chadar Ochel is in many ways (along with our Beit Knesset) the centerpiece of our campers’ experience.
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Our current building is too small for our growing size, and quite simply does not properly suit our needs. In addition, the kitchen area, where our food is prepared, is too small, and its refrigeration and freezer sections are not large enough to accommodate our food requirements.  As a focal point, both geographically and programmatically,
of camp, a new Chadar Ochel and Kitchen would dramatically change our camp. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a building of this sort would provide a paradigm shift in what the Camp Moshava experience would be like.


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